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Paul’s Plumbing Services are a well established family business covering Berkshire and the surrounding areas.

We are City and Guilds qualified professionals with over 20 years of experience ready to help you with all your plumbing requirements.  As well as working from a large domestic client referral database, We also carry out work on schools, Dental / Doctor surgeries and Landlord / Letting agent properties on a regular basis.

Our reputation is built on our reliability, trustworthiness and professionalism and are committed to providing a high quality, friendly service with very competitive prices.

In the unfortunate event of burst pipes etc we offer a 24 hour Emergency service 7 days a week.

We carry out the smallest of jobs from a dripping tap to a complete bathroom design and installation.

If you need any further help or advice please call us for a FREE estimate without obligation.

We serve Bracknell, Berkshire and surrounding area and offers a full range of installation and repair services.

We perform residential plumbing repairs, commercial plumbing needs, remodeling and new construction plumbing.

For faucets and sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs, sewers and drains, dishwashers, waste disposals, water filters, valves, and much more. We also offer leak detection and gas tests. We are available 24 hours a day and guarantee competitive pricing.  For a free estimate, call us today.

We provide Appliance Hook Up, Installation & Repair, Kitchen, bar, or utility sinks, Lavatories, Toilets, Tub/Showers, Faucets/Handles, Water Heaters, Waste Disposals, Water Filters, Spas/Steam units, Swimming Pool Repairs, Sewer & Drain Service & Repair, Remodeling/New Construction plumber, Water & Sewer Lines Repaired/Replaced, Leaks in the Slab, and more.

Our trained specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offer a variety of services to meet your home or commercial plumbing needs.

We offer competitive rates and quality service to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers in the Bracknell, Berkshire area. Our trained plumbers are ready to serve you, call us at 07810 – 730767

5 Crucial things you should know before hiring a plumber……

If you have a plumbing problem at home, then you need to look for a plumber to fix it quickly. It is not easy to look for a good and reliable plumber who will be able to completely solve your problems.

Often times, we search for plumbers online or in the yellow pages then opt for the first one that appears on the list. We all know that this is not the best way to choose the right plumber but we find ourselves without much choice. This is not right because we need to hire a plumber that can deliver the best service while offering competitive prices.

We cannot really avoid hiring a plumber, which we will have to do at least once in our lives. Whether it’s for our house renovation or remodeling, fixing our kitchen sink, toilet bowl, clogged drainage, broken pipes and even fixing our showers we will need a professional plumber to do it for us.

There is always an option for us to do the work ourselves, but when the job becomes too huge, messy or disgusting it’s hard for us to start the work. There are even times when we start the work and then realize that it’s too big for us to handle. That’s when the need to look for a professional plumber comes in.

You need to look for a trustworthy, reliable and reputable firm to help you with this problem so you can save money while getting the job done. The plumbing in your household should be dealt with immediately as a lot of chores are dependent on this. Nobody needs to hire someone who will aggravate the situation instead of making it better.

Your next step now is to look for a plumber that can give you value for your money without experiencing so much hassle.

Here are the 5 crucial things you should know before choosing a plumber.

1. Compare Hourly Rates

This is what you should look for first when choosing the right plumber to do the job: their hourly rates. Instinct tells us to always go for the one that offers the lowest prices, which is obviously the most simple and logical thing to do especially if you are on a budget. However, this is not always the right choice.

Find out how the plumbers count the hours, too because they have many different ways to count this. Do they count in the travel time they take from their offices to your house? Most plumbers spend half of their day traveling from one house to another so it’s just fair that they get compensated during this time. Just make sure you are on the same page on this and that you are aware of where they are coming from.

Of course you also have to look for quality. Some plumbers may advertise a low hourly rate but spend a lot of idle time once they are at your home or charges a lot of service fees. You might have no way of finding this out unless they are on the job already, unless you ask for recommendations from your neighbors or friends.

Ask if they have extra fees that they charge as part of standard service fees. Some plumbers also ask for deposit or upfront payments before they even start the work. Most reputable plumbers will give you a bid or estimate based on their home visit so you both have something to refer to that’s on paper.

Once you have all the rates in hand, you can then start comparing and contrasting the rates and the services included in the rates.

As mentioned earlier, take note of the prices that offers the most services instead of the one with the lowest price.

Once you hired a plumber, do your best to reduce the hours that he or she will spend at your home so you can maximize your spend. Have a list of things (sinks, pipes, showers) to check and repair and clean up these areas before your plumber arrives. You don’t want to pay for his time spent cleaning the area which may be more than the time he spends actually fixing.

2. Purchase the Fixtures Yourself

Generally, the plumbers sell the toilets, sinks, faucets, showers and other fixtures that they install. This is advisable if you do not have the time to go around and shop for what you need. However, if you have the luxury of time to visit the stores and buy the fixtures yourself, then it may be better for you to do so because you might save more money by doing it.

If you are purchasing the fixtures yourself, it might help to keep these few things in mind:

  • Some fixtures may be cheaply priced but poorly made. Make sure you are buying a good bargain and not a low quality fixture. Shop carefully and check that all parts and manuals of the fixture you are buying are complete.
  • If the plumber breaks what you bought while they are installing it, there may be a little bit of confusion as to whose fault it is. Some plumbers may say that bought a low quality fixture. One way to solve this is to research for the most common brands that plumbers use.
  • Ask your plumber for advice on what to buy. They would normally have a preferred brand that they install all the time which they can most likely work best with. This would make you take advantage of their expertise and experience. If you buy a brand that they never used before, it may too risky.

3. Ask for Referrals and Recommendations

What better way to find out if a professional plumber is good enough but to ask your friends, family and even neighbors for referrals and recommendations. They must have needed the services of a plumber at least once or twice in their life and would know the reliable ones. Ask them if the plumber they hired was punctual and competent enough to do the job. I you can, call a homeowner like you whose opinion you trust.

You can also ask for recommendations from builders or contractors that you have worked with in the past. These people know the best plumbers in town and can recommend those who does great quality work while offering competitive prices.

If you still don’t find anyone who can give you a good recommendation, you can try looking for plumbers online or using the yellow pages. From there, you can search the internet for customer reviews or testimonials to find out if the plumber provided them a satisfactory service.

4. Find Out About License, Insurance and Warranty

It doesn’t hurt to ask for the plumber’s license number before you hire them, especially if you are turning the claim to your homeowner’s insurance agent. Don’t be scared to ask this from them—if they are licensed then this shouldn’t be an issue. Verify the number they gave you by calling your local personnel. Plumbing contractors are required to have a license in most states. It would assure you that they know what they are doing and that they are masters of their craft.

You can also ask about insurance. You need to know if they have insurance to cover your property (and even your neighbor’s) in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

Also check the plumber’s service warranty before hiring. They should be able to guarantee the work he will do for a specified and acceptable period of time. A really good plumber will go back to fix a leak or problem that he overlooked. You can even ask them if the guarantee is insurance-backed, which means that you are still covered even if they go out of business. This is an important factor to ask especially if you are building or remodeling your home.

You might miss this part if you need urgent attention to fix your plumbing problem but still try to gather as many information as you can about the plumber you are hiring.

5. Check for Good Customer Service

Don’t settle for bad customer service. You are letting the pluming in to your home and fix install important fixtures in your home so choose one that treats you right. But if you have not hired them yet, how would you know if the plumber can give you excellent customer service?

Here are some things to watch out for to know whether the plumber is good news or not:

  • They value their current customers. If the plumber was referred by one of your friends then the plumber must have treated your friends right and gave them good customer service.
  • They keep their promises. If the plumber said he will give you the estimate within a specified period of time, he should. Simple things like calling you back when they said they will or getting back to you regarding your questions shows signs that they value you as a potential customer.
  • They answer phone calls nicely. A good plumber answers calls politely and identifies himself and his business. This proves that they are serious about their work and that they really mean business.

With these things in mind, you will be able to hire a professional plumber easily and help you fix your pipes, sink or showers or aid you in your home remodeling.  At Paul’s Plumbing Services, you can be assured that you get the right service without hassle.

Call us now on  07810 – 730767 and have all your plumbing work done effortlessly.

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Domestic shower installation

Paul installed my new shower, and kept me informed at every stage how the job was going. Also, his fees were slightly less than what I was expecting. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again and have recommended him to my friends.

Mark Jerram
Priestwood, Bracknell, Berkshire.

Mark Jerram
8th Feb, 2010

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