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A blocked in toilet is a serious and annoying problem that plumbers are very familiar with, particularly as they have been working with this problem for years. There is a simple explanation for why a blocked toilet develops as a result of an overflowing toilet or a trap, both of which can also be caused by the installation of faulty pipes. A blocked toilet can be very annoying as well as dangerous, so if you are faced with one then it is always a good idea to get help from a professional plumber to solve the problem.

Overflowing toilet and why a plumber must be called
It is actually quite easy to see when your toilet is blocked. When water is forced through an unconfined pipe (which is often the case in a bathroom) it will usually fill up the bowl faster than it can be flushed away. As a result you will end up with a blocked toilet. The reason why a plumber must be called to solve this problem is that if left unattended a blocked toilet can lead to a serious flood in your bathroom.

Another reason why you should call a plumber to solve your toilet problem is that sometimes a blocked toilet can also develop a gush. This occurs when water is allowed to flow freely past a constriction, usually caused by a trapped trap or an overfill, which causes a huge amount of water to be stored in the pipes. The longer the water remains in the pipes then the higher the risk of serious flooding. In these cases it is often necessary to call in a plumber to remove the water and dry the toilet off for you.

A blocked toilet is an inconvenience but it is also a very serious problem. Not only does it cause a huge amount of inconvenience for the people who use it, but it also poses a risk to those around it. For example, it would be quite dangerous to use the toilet if you were aware that there was a problem inside. The fact that you need to call a plumber to solve this problem means that you are putting everyone’s safety at risk. Calling a plumber to solve your toilet problem is therefore essential.

One more reason why you should call a plumber to unblock your toilet is because doing it yourself is likely to be extremely difficult and may require specialized equipment. For example, if you have just acquired a new water pipe or your old one has ruptured, then unblocking it can prove to be a very tricky job. Even if you have the right tools and skill for the job, the likelihood is that you won’t know where to begin as you may have blocked the pipe from different causes. Therefore, calling in a professional plumbing service is the best solution to this problem.

There are many reasons why you should call a plumber to unblock a leaking toilet. It doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing an ordinary overflow or if the problem has escalated due to a blockage. Regardless of the reason you should call a plumber, the important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t attempt to fix the problem yourself. Call a professional plumber to solve any problems you are having with your toilet.


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