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If you are considering the installation of underfloor heating then you will be glad to know that it is an easily available option. It’s not difficult to install as it uses a simple principle that is similar to that of radiator heating. You must firstly install pipes and heating vents in the correct places, after which you connect the water and then the heated air to individual vents. You can also choose to install a switch so that the water flow from the pipes can be automatically switched on and off whenever required.

The first thing that you should do before hiring someone to do the job is to find out how much they will charge you. Ask for a breakdown of the charges, including labour costs, as this will give you an idea of what it will cost you. A good contractor will offer a complete breakdown along with a written quote and will work without disturbing your existing furnishings. If they do not provide a quotation then find out why and how they can help you.

It is always advisable to hire someone who works in their own private sector. Some plumbing companies may claim to provide plumbing services but usually their work is sub-standard. It is far better to choose a plumber who has actually installed the system himself before. The best plumbers will have some knowledge about the best systems on the market and will be able to recommend a good one to you. They will also be able to advise on any potential problems that you could run into, and ensure that you do not accidentally break something during the installation process.

One area that you will need to take care of when using a plumber to install underfloor heating is the pipes and lines. These have to be laid properly to avoid any leaks and water damage. If you are not sure how to lay them yourself then it is advisable to hire a professional plumber to do the job. Before the plumber arrives you should turn off all water supply to the house. This can prevent the formation of dangerous molds and bacteria if water is left in the system for too long. Any leakage can cause damage to the flooring as well as to the walls of the building.

Once the pipes and lines have been laid he will then place special packing around the pipe joints to make sure no moisture will get through. A special valve is used to control the heat removed from the water and this allows you to control the amount of water used. You may find that you need to add more cold water to the warm water supply to make up for the lost heat from the pipes. Once the entire system is installed you should put the heating controls on a timer to ensure that the water is heated to the correct temperature.

Installing underfloor heating is one of the easiest ways of keeping your home warm. It can be done by anyone and the heat is controlled by simple valves that are placed under the floor. If you are unsure how to install underfloor heating yourself then you should contact a professional plumber to do the job.


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